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Got my K60 & M60... Is software needed for the K60?


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i guess i was one of the 1st in Sweden to get it through retail......:D:


Both the keyboard and mice are great following the Corsair quality we all know and are familiar to.


I was able to find the driver for the mouse but looking at the product page a driver should also be available for the keyboard which i cant find?


The software is listed as "keyboard and mouse".driver but the program i DL'd is "mouse"-only.


Will one be available for the keyboard as well and is one needed for the M60?


I am so far extremely happy with the products, great looking and functioning.


The cherry reds have a total different feel than f.ex. the blues which you find on some other mechanical kayboards. But be advised, they are not silent as you might expect, still quite a harsh, loud "qlick" when you bottom the key but not as loud as the blues.


I also love the feeling of the additional red-keys.


Miss backlights for the keys also......it's a gaming keyboard ;)

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Frankly it's a horrid place to put a driver link.


Agreed, they should make a designated DL-section on the frontpage on the support-pages, seems like the logical place to put them.


Thanks for putting the sticky up with the links, so no "special" driver needed for the K60 then?

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Already sent in an inquiry about that. No keyboard or mouse really needs a driver for the basic functionality to work. They're just there for special feature stuff.


Thanks, Yes and what made me curious about it is that the K60 is supposed to have adjustable report rate using the same program or driver as the M60 but the M60-program/driver does not have an option or meny for the keyboard.

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