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is it possible to combine two 850TX V2?


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Hi all,


I has been using HX850 since early days of i7, all is well and good and it gives me some huge overclocking success in the pass several years.




I just bought two units of 850TX V2 for a fun project, and I am wondering if I can combine the two PSU to get higher ampere for my project.


by combine, I means, I would cut off all the PC connectors, join all the +12volts line from PSU (1) to all the +12volts line in PSU (2), and join all the -12volts line from PSU (1) to all the -12volts line in the PSU (2).


3.3volt and 5volt will not be used.


will it work? don't tell me to sell both PSUs and get the AX1200 because AX1200 don't have enought ampere for my needs.


I am asking this because PSUs from IOTA can daisy chain up to six PSUs to increase the output ampere, can the Corsair ATX PSUs do this?


and I do understand that once the connectors is cut there shall be no support and warranty from Corsair or any of its agents/reseller.


any advice is greatly appreciated.


it would be great if I can do this as Corsair is a lot cheaper ampere to ampere



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