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HS1 not being recognized by Windows


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I am trying to install my new pair of USB HS1 on my Windows 7 machine. Unfortunately Windows is not recognizing the device when I try to plug it in (USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED). I have tried all the different USB ports on the computer as well as my laptop which is running Win7 x86.


When I try to install the driver it asks me to plug in my headset when it is already plugged in.


Please help.


PS. I have installed the latest motherboard chipset driver.

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Please go to device manager with the HS1 plugged in and uninstall the device listing in Device manager then and only then remove them and restart the system and you have to turn it off and then turn it back on not just restart. Once you are back in Windows install the software and if it tells you to restart then please do it and once its done then plug in the HS1 and see if it will connect with out an error. If it still gives an error then I would suggest we replace them. You can use the link on the left and request an RMA.
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