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Carbide 400R + H100: Can not mount 2nd fan


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Today I bought a H100 and installed it in my case. Unfortunately there is a heatsink on my mobo which prevents me from mounting the second fan to the radiator, about 3-4 mm are missing. As a workaround I mounted both fans outside on top of the case, but it's only a workaround and I don't like it, that's not what it should be like. So I compared the dimensions of Carbide 400R and 500R, finding that the 500R will provide more height (~ 5cm). Now I have the follwing question:


- Will the 500R provide enough space to mount both fans inside the case? Maybe someone would be so kind and do a little measuring for me (from top edge of mainbaord to mounting point at top panel)? Or is there someone with a comparable setup who can confirm that it works?



Your input is welcome, any other suggestions?

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