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Corsair AX850 - potential heat problem


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Good day everyone,


I hope everyone is well.


I bought an AX850 Gold to beef up my system. Nothing is overclocked. I think I am having a problem with heat from the PSU.




AX850 Gold Corsair PSU

P7P55D-E Deluxe Motherboard

Quad i7 - LGA 1156 - 870 - stock cooling fan

Nvidia GTX590 video card

8GB DDR3 RAM - Corsair;)

(2) 128GB Intel X40 SSD drives

Generic DVDRW

"run of the mill" Hitachi 500GB 7200RPM drive


I have 120mm intake fan in the bottom/front and the same in the rear/middle position.


My CPU gets to about 70C under full load for extended periods of time but once that load is removed falls to about 32-34C within about a minute or so.


This tells me my case cooling is good and that I have good airflow.


When I play a game that really draws power, say Skyrim on "Ultra" settings, I can feel the case start to heat up around the PSU. I can feel the heat coming off the case exactly where the PSU resides. I have no means to measure the temperature of the exhaust gases coming from the PSU but it is putting off a tremendous amount of heat under load while the rest of my case seems very cool.


I am not experiencing any problems or shortage of power at all, I just wanted to make sure this wasn't something I need to be concerned with. Are there any suggestions for dispersing this heat from the PSU a little better? Additional internal fans maybe?


Thanks in advance for the assistance!




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