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Corsair rebate support claims I did not send UPC barcode

Stealth Pyro

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RAM Guy, I hope you are able to help with this, you seem to have helped many on here!


On 10/31/11 I purchased a Force 3 SSD for $139.99 on Newegg. It was being offered with a $30 rebate. I had also recently purchased a 16GB flash drive and an A70 CPU cooler.


I submitted the rebates for the flash drive and CPU cooler, and they were accepted and validated rather quickly. No issues with those two rebates.


I submitted the rebate for the Force 3 SSD immediately after receiving the SSD; I had ordered the SSD a week or so after the other 2 products.


Just the other day I received a tracking update, and the $30 rebate for the SSD is marked as invalid due to me not sending the UPC barcode. I wrote to rebate support, stating that I was 100% certain that I had included the UPC barcode with my rebate form. I still have the retail box for the SSD, and the UPC barcode is cut out of the box. I had sealed my envelope both with the envelope glue and with some tape, so there is absolutely no chance that the UPC simply fell out of the envelope in transit. I have communicated back and forth with a few different support reps and this is going nowhere. They insist that the original UPC barcode is the only way to validate the rebate and that no exceptions are made. This is ridiculous, as it takes a few minutes to confirm with Newegg that my order was fulfilled and that I did not return the product for a refund or anything like that.


Please help!


Thank you in advance...

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Thanks RAM GUY, I ended up doing something a little immoral (I won't share it because it may help others to do the same) that I didn't expect to work but it hilariously did work, and my rebate has been approved. Immoral because I "cheated" the system, but not really immoral because I legitimately purchased my SSD and submitted its UPC. Sad that I had to go this length but I'm happy.
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