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H80 max fan speed / failed fan slot. RMA?


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Have problem with my new H80 and I think it is faulty.


From start the H80 ran the fans rpm up and down sounding like a jet plane starting/landing. After a few restarts though it settled on max fan speed, sounding like a vacum cleaner....


Pushing the button on the H80 changes between the three profiles does not affect the FAN speed at all.


Even when the computer was newly booted with CPU temp 25C and MB 26C it ran the fans att max RPM.


I've tried the following:

- Disabling CPU Fan controll on my MB

- Resetting firmware method 1: Booting the computer with the H80 button pushed in for at least 3-4s.

This caused the H80 to flash around and then settle with the 2 top lights lit, and the little man flashing. I waited for long time for something to happen but nothing did. I then stepped through each profile several time but no effect.

- Resetting firmware method 2: Booting to "DOS" and pushing H80 button for at least 3-4s.

Nothing ever happens, no flashes, nothing.

- Retried the firmware resets above several times with different times, etc. No difference

- Moving around the two fans on the two H80 connectors and booting.

Doing this I realized that the "left H80 fan contact" no longer starts any of the two fans. The "right H80 fan contact" can run any of the two fans, but only at maximum speed. (Probably the "left H80 fan contact" was the one starting and stopping the fan earlier.


So, currently I'm running my H80 with one fan, and it's sounding like a vacum cleaner :(


So is there any more tests I need to perform?


Or as i think, is this an RMA and how do I proceed in Sewden?


Thank you.



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