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Case #2382391 - Replacement Parts for 500r


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The replacement for the missing parts of my 500r case was finally shipped but have become stuck at customs as of Monday due to a missing commercial invoice.


I contacted Customer Support on Tuesday afternoon, after receiving no response to the email I had sent as soon as UPS has informed me of its status. I was told that I would be informed by email within 48 hours, once the invoice had been sent, by the warehouse but I have not yet received any emails and the package still shows as stuck at customs.


It has now been a month since this issue was raised and I am extremely upset since I cannot confirm that other parts I had purchased at the time (included a corsair H100 cooling system) work correctly and I'm now well past the replacement phase of their warrantees. This is by far the worst customer support experience that I have had to deal with and I do not understand why the customer is being penalized for your merchandize that was assembled incorrectly.

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