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h100 pump fails


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i had a h100 and noticed temps weren't outstanding compared to my $30 heatpipe sink with a single fan on it..


(TL;DR im using a $30 heatsink instead of a $120 H100)




i decided to open it up because F warranties right? no but really i saw some guides of other people modding their Hxx units and i wanted to give it a try..


i put some nice tygon tubes on that matched the exact size of the h100 barbs, 1/4"... set the pump in the right position with the tubes in a tub of distilled water and jump started an old power supply to see which barb was inlet and which one was outlet


the thing couldnt even push distilled water from same level, and when trying to feed it into the tube from lower position, the pump simply gargled water, never enough strength to push the water in an even near suitable fashion, on either speed setting it still sucked at sucking water.


i dissected the pump after realizing it was a mickey mouse piece of equipment, and to my expectations its probably got $3 dollars worth of pcb, plastic and soddering inside and no quality control, and the radiator is cheap aluminum.. definitely not worth anything more than $50.. and thats just for the R&D / labor.. and being nice..


stay away from these plug n play water cooling kits, the real water loop is where its at.

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