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ExtremeTech Cooler Review Uses H100 for Comparison


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Well... the DUT (Device Under Test) did not beat the performance of a H100.


But... not exactly an even comparison, given the difference in radiator size. A comparison to a H60 would be more appropriate, IMO.


Yet... what is important here is that the H100 handled an overclocked i7-3960X running Prime95, with sub-70C temperatures. That is an excellent result for this CPU.


My only concern about this review is that the testers were not aware that the "fan speed" of the H100, 2100 RPM, is the pump's speed, not the fan speed. They commented: "We couldn’t get an accurate measurement of the H100′s fan speeds — the Intel tuning utility reports 2100 RPM regardless". I find it difficult to understand how "professional" writers/users could make this mistake to the point of publishing it in their review. The error was not noted in the comments yet. I should say that this error may be due to the non-detailed nature of the H100's instructions.


(Allow me to shift out of snob-enthusiast mode... thank you and forgive me.)


So great result for the H100, but you Corsair guys already knew that would happen, right?

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fvbounty, If you want to have some fun, crank those turbo multipliers up to say... 46, and then run Prime95. Your H100 will handle it, I can do it with a H60 on a 2600K, but you'll be in the high 50's to low 60's C, still good. Well, depending on how fast your fans will go. In my experience, once you pass 4.6GHz, the voltage and heat really takes off. Once the Vcore passes 1.4V, it gets exciting. I set my CPU to 5.0GHz, with SpeedStep enabled so it wasn't frying constantly, and it booted right up. Started Prime95, again with a H60, push-pull, and it did not immediately BSOD, but the Vcore hit 1.47V and the CPU temp (not cores) hit 80 C quickly, so I bailed out. I just love these SB CPUs!
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