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Corsair HX850 (UK) incorrect voltages


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I purchased a Corsair HX850 on 22 Oct 2010 and up until a couple of weeks ago all was apparently fine. However, recently I have notice my PC has started to crash and on investigation I have discovered the following:


In BIOS my votages are showing as -


3.3V 2.800V

5V 6.008V

12V 14.048V


Also this is shown with CPUID Hardware Monitor.


What should I do? Request an RMA?

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I've now extended out one of the black leads and have 12.09V stable on a multimeter. Also wiggled the main mobo connector and the voltage dropped straight down to 12.16V on CPUID Hardware monitor. Also the 3.3V and 5V readings seemed to have normalised.


My question now is does the multimeter reading on one of the black sockets categorically say the PSU outputs are all correct or could it still be the main mobo lead?



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