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Carbide 500R - One of the two Front USB 3.0 outlets does not seem to be working


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This is my first comp build and so I may be missing somthing here.


I am using a Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 MoBo that supports USB 3.0 and has a front pannel plug in on the board itself. When I plug in the 3.0 plug to the mobo only a single of the two 3.0 slots works.


In the case also is provided a 3.0 - 2.0 usb converter and I tried using that plugging it in to the 2.0 mobo front panel support slot and still only one of the front USB slots works.


The case comes with the two front panel slots wired together into a single 3.0 USB plug in to the mobo. Is it possilbe that I have to do something for the Mobo to see both front pannel USB slots or maybe I have a faulty slot/wiring?







***Update 11/30/2011 - I am being Sent out a new front pannel with wiring to reslove the issue crossing fingers swap out goes smoothly. Corsair was quick with the RMA responce thanks!***


***Update 12/02/2011 - New pannl went in and the problem has been resolved; both front USB ports are working as intended. Again I would like to thank Corsair for the quickest responce that I think I have ever seen! Forum post 11/29 - RMA 11/30 - Delivery 12/01 and I just installed today!***

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hi Vrusso, I don't want to dig up an old post but I seem to be having a very similiar issue here. Corsair 500r, one of my front panel 3.0s is not working correctly. Was one of your slots completely dead or did it do anything? My left slot is repeatedly connecting and disconnecting my device at seemingly random times. The right slot is working fine. I can't find anything about this online.
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Just submit a RMA and they will send you a replacement front panel (Part # CC-8930017) I have a 400R that the right side USB3 header was dead from day 1. They sent me the 500R front panel as a replacement and it will be nice now to have the fan control as well. If you need the special fan screws for the side panel and top include that in your RMA request (Part #CC-8930026) and they will send them too.

When I replace my front panel I will take photo's and post them so people know what they are in for if they have to do the same.

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