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I am having very weird issue involving my motherboard,cpu, and power supply.


Spec Intel 750 @ 2.66 Corsair tx650 8gb [2x2] G-Skill Ram, Gigabyte P55 UD3L MSI twin frozr iii 2gb 6950


The Issue


First off I have gotten 4 additional gb of ram this month and my 6950. However after that everything was perfectly fine for like 3 weeks. I believe the issue comes down to the my cpu and mobo and psu.


I recently was play swtor beta and was getting low frames compared to others with similiar specs in general chat. They told me that MMO are very cpu heavy and when I told them my cpu, they said wow something must be wrong. So I checked my CPU and for the last 2 years I have been running at 2.00GHz (.133 bus x 15 multiplier) I dont even THINK turbo was on. So I went into the bios and adjusted it to 20x.133 bus and got 2.66 and around 3.2 ghz turbo. I was thrilled and my frames were amazing getting plus 20-30 additional frames in some areas, skyrim also seen a 5-15fps increase. When beta ended I started doing college hw and using the web. I literally could hear a buzzing from the PSU (its 100% the psu i disembled everything but mobo and psu and seperated them and could hear the sound from psu) the buzzing sound would not happen if i was scrolling on the page but i dead idle it would hum. Like the link below



However I read up online that its the motherboard setting power consumptions settings. So I changed these in bio's the names might not be correct but you should get the idea.


C1E [off] C3,C6, [off] turbo [auto] EIST [auto] (some say take this off to, but when I did clocks stayed at 2.8ghz and never dropped, temps were like at 50c idle compared to 40c with it on, stock cooler fyi)


No humming at all on idle or mouse movement Now I played Skyrim for like 5min and no humming Left 4 Dead 2 no humming 2 hours and I ran three uniengine bench tests and their was alot of humming and it wasnt steady in and out in volume never happened before cpu increase


Should I be worried? What are the risks if the power supply goes to my expensive parts? I dont want to RMA cause I need my computer for college essays and swtor is in like 2 weeks?


any help would be awsome or advice would be great.

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