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H100 concerns for the community


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So I bought today a h100, my fan controller has stopped working correctly.




My unit is not part of the batch reported (officially, admin post) but is part of batches reported by users on this forum.


The little dude lights up, but of the 3 levels of fan speed available - non of them get lite up or stay lite up.


The fans power on initially - but shut off a second later.


The top fan header (of the 4) closest to the water lines defaults itself to full power (or rpm for the fan). The other 3 do nothing when the unit is left on.


The fan speed button does nothing, I have also tried to reset the firmware.



Also, the pump itself is defective and is really loud, and makes a grinding noise that can be toggled on and off by tapping it.


So the pump and fan controller is broken, there is little else to go wrong with the unit really...this is pretty sad from a quality control aspect as the only other thing that could be bad is the unit leaking (thank goodness it doesn't).



Anyways I made this thread mostly because I want advice, already on this forum there is talk of receiving RMA replacements that are also defective... That's unacceptable and almost unbelievable to be honest.


I have the option of taking this unit back to the store I purchased it from for store credit (still need my 2500k so this works well..) and basically never using or recommending a corsair product ever again. Replacing it with the same unit is scary and I wouldn't do that and deal with the same issue (feel sorry for whoever buys the other h100 that was sitting on the shelf...).




Hope that corsair can rma my unit quickly and painlessly, and replace it with one that isn't made of %80 defective parts.


I reviewed the forum rules and I don't believe this post offends any of them, it's ment to be constructive but its also a rant because this is the saddest product experience I've had with a computer component in my life.



My H100 experience in a nutshell:




Enjoy. :laughing:

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Also both my friends have corsair 600 cases, one black and one white..


With my new build I was planning to grab a corsair case as well as power supply so everything is fancy looking and brand matching like.


But if a power supply or ram had this much issues I fear it would end up destroying other components in the computer.

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