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500R's Switch Position?


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Hi Folks, I have the 500R and coupled it with the H100 and I can't beleive how cool my processors are now! These 2 items were meant for each other and my CPU, (& GPU), stability is rock solid now. Great stuff!


OK, so I read the posts regarding the 3 position fan switch in the front panel that has barely any affect, no problem. (http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=100525).


However, I would like to know which of the 3 positions would be considered the highest or maximum speed for the fans?


Ram Guy sort of addressed that in his very last reply to that question but he stated a position to the right. "Switching to the right is to increase the fan's rpm."


The switch on the 500R runs vertically so is the top position the highest speed? I can't hear any speed change and I'm not picking up any of the fans in my software controls so I would like to know.

Thank You!

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Thank you G50eed.


Yes, there seems to be little difference audibly because they're breaking the switch position into 3rds from the fans minimum to maximum speed.


Hence, if the minimum speed is say 1000 rpm, (bottom switch position), and the max is 1200 rpm, then each position would increase or decrease about 100 rpm.


I found some information on the specs of the 500R that claims the speed of the fans is 1200rpm. I don't know if that speed is correct, (there is information missing regarding that post), nor do I know if that is a Hi, Low or mean value.


However I can say that they are pretty darn quite and I, for one, have been getting incredibly good results since I changed to this case and the H100.

Thanks again

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