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Case # [2401935]


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So I requested a RMA. It was approved. I explained that the fans stopped working. I'm assuming it's the fan controller. I have no idea what to send back, I don't feel like taking everything out and sending the tower. Can you please give me some direction? Lol.





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A month is coming up. I'm just getting the run around.


Message on 11/29/2011 11:58:46 AM shows that I will not have to send anything back. The almighty RAM_GUY said so too.

Now I'm being told to send whatever it is back. Can someone instruct them to send my junks?



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  • Corsair Employees

I just spoke to the Customer service manager and explained the situation and I am sorry that the person taking care of this did not contact you directly and explain the situation, but they will contact you shortly.

They are asking for a copy of the Invoice where you purchased the case so they can get the correct case to you, is the first thing they are trying to get.

Second we may want to get your old case back to look into why it failed but we will pay the shipping is what the customer service manager told me.

So please I understand your frustration and I am sorry but contact our customer service and ask for a supervisor and they will work this out with you.

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