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Cannot format Force 3 120 GB in Disk Management


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Hello all, first post. Hopefully someone can shed some light on my situation.


I recently purchased a second Force(3)120 as a dedicated gaming drive. The shop I bought it from flashed the fw to the latest version.


It shows up in Bios, on the post screen and is detected in disk management but shows as unallocated. When I right click the drive I can't format it, I just get some options that look like they apply to raid... I have attatched 2 screenshots to show the options available.


Bios settings should be fine, I have been using another Force 120 just fine now for about a week.


Does anyone have any idea what I have to do to format this drive safely without bricking it? I would like to get it set up and start using it soon. I can provide any additional information required, just let me know.



Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice!




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Yeah that did the trick. Thanks man. I feel kinda dumb now but I am pretty new to ssd drives and to be honest I have never had to do that before. I have just been able to format the drives. The other ssd was used for windows so it prolly did it itself. Anyway, thanks a lot!
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