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2 corsair force gt 60gb on raid0 need help and guidance


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hello i am new customer and just bought 2 force gt 60gb .I am planning to put them on raid0 but first i want to update their firmware.I read that i cant update them in raid mode but only seperately.i want ask because i have also now 2xseagate baracuda on raid0 and hard disk option at bios is on raid mode if i put the 1 ssd probably i cant updated with your quide because my computer is not on achi mode. so i have to remove my old hard disks ,change mode on bios to achi,put the 1 ssd , install windows, update the ssd with windows and after put the second ssd as a backup and update him also and after put them on raid0 and install new windows ? also i have amd phenom ii 1050t and motherboard 890gpaud3h. i have heard issues about problems with controller with speed etc. can i have a quidance if i need bios update or something to do before installed the ssd on raid0.thanks for your support
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You can upgrade the firmware with SSD connected to a controller which is running in RAID mode as long as your SSD is not a member of a RAID array. Single drives on RAID controller are running in AHCI mode.


Simply put:


- Connect each SSD to the desired port

- Upgrade firmware (you may want to do this with Hiren's Boot CD or Repair Console of Windows 7 32 bit DVD)

- SecureErase both drives

- Setup your RAID array

- Install Windows 7

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