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Computer restarting a few seconds after i turn it on


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Hey guys,

This past week my PC has been acting up a bit weird. Every time i turn on my PC it stays on for about 10 seconds (doesnt even get to the POST screen) than shuts off and restarts, stays on for about 10 seconds, shuts off and restarts and than finally boots into windows. So basically it takes 2 cycles of random restarts during a cold boot to finally stay and boot normally.


Not really sure what the issue is, i just recently replaced my Corsair Dominator GT 6GB (3x2GB) with Corsair Vengence 12GB (3x4GB), and while i replaced the ram i did a thorough clean of my PC, dusted and readjusted some things.


This issue didint start until a day or two after i made the changes.


Can i get some input on this?


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