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H80 pump rotation


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does the pump have to have the pipes coming out of the right as the installation diagram suggests? as the pipes hit the fan on the Dominator GT mem i have installed.


also the temps are not really a great improvement over the true 120 rev c i had infact there a bit worse :(:

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ok got it , another question when you start your system is it normal for the fan to go full speed then slow down? also the start up fan speed is that the max setting on the pump button i.e 3 lights?


also going from onw light too 2 lights there does seem tobe any change in speed, i am on 3 lights now and the fans are not as high as i have heard on utube reviews.


i searched here but there is no faq on this fan speed/noise and startup fan speed.


mine is not doing this

well high fan speed or at medium , also i only have one corsair fan connected the front has a p14 Noctua but thats connected to the Mb header


i am more like this speed/noise on high profile

which is right a tad confused here.
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To answer your questions:


The fans will run at full speed for a moment until the H80's fan control software starts up, that is normal.


The setting of the fan speed controller, one, two, or three lights is likely random, until you set one yourself. Are you saying it resets to the highest setting (three lights) on each boot regardless of what you set it to?


Regarding fan speed changes with each setting, the settings provide a range of fan speeds, each one having a higher start and end point than the one below it. Each setting is not one constant speed, it is a range of speeds that varies with CPU temp. Since you are using a different fan instead of both of the Corsair fans, any comparison will be invalid. We also cannot assume that the behavior in the video is absolutely valid between hardware platforms, BIOS settings, etc. The difference in fan speeds between each setting of the controller when the CPU is not under stress, may not be enough to cause a big difference in fan speed, so it is not noticeable, particularly when you are not using both Corsair fans.

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thanks for posting this little issue is doing my head in lol


great to no as i read nothing on max fan speed start till the software kicks in, if that is the case i am fine with that,


no it does not re set the fan profile mate it stays were i set it,


the rear fan is the corsair supplyed fan connected to the Pump it is just the front fan Noctua N14 that is connected to the mb it is not a Pwm fan so it is running max (the auto bios fan controlling is off anyway), i did not want to connect that to the Pump unit just in case, Amps ect.


well i just found this http://www.corsair.com/blog/understanding-the-hydro-series-h80-and-h100-cooling-performance-profiles/


so i take it, set at 3 lights i am running at 1600rpm and depending on coolant temp the corsair fan will rise automatic yes?


the vids posted have the standard fans connected to the pump the mb can not control the fans as the cpu lead is just the pump speed sensor.

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