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500R and the Maximus IV Extreme-Z


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There is an issue with this combination that I wanted to let others know about as it can be a show stopper for you if you are considering an Asus Maximus Extreme-Z with the Corsair 500R case.


Keep in mind that this is NOT a Corsair issue as the case is not 100% designed for Extended ATX boards. However, when I was doing my research and you look at reviews, measurements, etc. it appears that the MB will fit...and it ALMOST does.


I just finished build on this case and the Maximus IV Extreme-Z today and the motherboard JUST BARELY fits depth wise (note the "recessed" area in the case for the MB)...in fact the lower front corner of the MB touches the curve of the recessed area. It was not enough for me to worry about damage to the board so I went ahead and install the board.


But I quickly realized that there was absolutely NO WAY to plug in any SATA cables into the lower SATA ports on the MB because the ports on this board are on the front edge of the MB...which is to close to the "curved" edge of the recessed backplane. In fact, putting them in the top ports was really not ideal eithers as it was kind of a tight fit and not exactly straight...which was putting pressure on the connection.


My choice, rather than return the case (really love the case), was to take tin snips and cut out the backplate in that area to make room for the SATA cables. This can be done very easily and in such a way to make it look just fine. Also, it make for a nice clean look as the SATA cable go immediately behind the plate...so no clutter (though the grommets are right there anyway, so the cables would go through those anyway without the cutout).


Unless you are OK with doing this (which I was, because otherwise this is a great case) then I don't recommend the 500R for any MB that is pushing the 12" depth).


This is a great case and a fantastic motherboard. Assuming you are handy enough with tin snips and willing to do it, it makes a great combo!


As a note to Corsair, this is something to consider with the recessed backplate in the future. I understand the reason for it, but I think this could have been done such that it allowed room for full depth EATX with just a few minor tweaks of how the front edge of the recess is designed.



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I have a 500R and I was looking at an E-ATX X79 motherboard, 30.5 cm x 26.4 cm. This is about 5mm skinnier than yours from what I can establish.


Do you think this would get away without the modification to the tray?


The Sata3 ports are a little further down the board tho so it's hard to tell from your description where the contact/trouble actually is. Any pics you can post or PM would be awesome.


Agreed it would be nice to have a slightly different tray design but hey you can't please everyone. I was thinking mod it like the cutout just above the PSU but i'm not sure whether it would bend nicely or i'd stuff it up. Probably the latter...




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