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ASUS m4a785td evo - Corsair vengeance 16gb 1600mhz


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hey guys


1.AMD 1055t @3.2 now at 2.8 so back to stock

2.Asus m4785td-evo

3.16GB Corsair Vengeance 99924 at 1.5, voltage is currently 1.55

4.Nvidia 580 GTX

5.WIN 7 64 Ultimate.



Now i no the ram isn't on the QVL for the board but i stupidly didn't check this,and given i have another pc running the same set-up for a family member i thought it would be ok.


Vengeance 16gb kit installed in to Asus m4a785td Evo, ran mem test - 0 errors and have ran a burn in app on win 7 to test as well. 0 errors in both


Random Bsod's various messages relating to memory.


things iv tried so far.


1.run at lower clock

2.set clock manually to 800mhz 99924 in bios

3.set default cpu clock was clocked to 3.3 from 2.8


any ideas what to do to get it running stable would be a great help. as i have no idea what else to do now other than rma and get a different set.

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The CPU you have only supports DDR1333 so I would set the memory frequency to 667 Mhz /DDR1333 and set the memory Voltage to 1.6-1.7 Volts and make sure that command Rate is set to 2T as well then test them again with http://www.memtest.org. In addition with an ASUS MB you will want to Disable legacy USB when ever you run any memory test.
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