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COD MOW3 Think inside the box

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Hey peoples,


This is my work log.


I'm not giving too much away the case mod is based on Call of duty modern warfare 3.


My goal is to house a kick butt pc in a small case.


The case:


Fractal Design Array 2.






Proudly support by Calle from




Thanks Calle for all your support


The first mods:




I had to remove the drive bay for the hard drives to allow more room for larger parts.




I had to cut sections out of the front 140mm fan support tray to use it for a solid state drive tray.


Second i needed to do was to show off case parts:


Also need decent airflow for a longer power hungry graphics card.


Lets hack up the case now :laughing:




This is my guide to cut out my side window.




First part of the surgery




Finally got it all cut now to clean it up.




Used some scrap uchannel once i cleaned it up some photos of what it looks like.




You will be able to see hardware and how much space will be used up.




Now i am just testing fan placement for a new surprise.


I got some more support i would like to give a big thanks to Zack from






Asetek 570LC cpu cooler many thanks Zack im keen to receive this from the post mail to cut out my spot for the radiator.


Now i have spoken to my good friend Calle from




He has agreed to support me a little further with a higher watt power supply




I now present you with the Fractal Design Newton 650watt power supply Atx style.




Now i couldn't find myself a psu mounting plate anywhere in Australia so i had to think quick to make something work.

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Hey guys i solved my issues with the power supply mount and cooler lets take a look at the new mods done so far.





Now i found a Lian Li power supply mount in Australia which was awesome.





Now i had to drill 2 mounting holes for the power supply mount to fit to the case.






I tested fitted the mount before i started cutting the back of the case to make sure i had the right clearance for the bracket and power supply.





Started my first cut at the back of the case.





Now i have cut most of it out ready for some much need filing etc.






Now i have modded the back for a full size Atx power supply.






I finally cleaned up my cuts then i mounted the bracket with pop rivets.

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Hey guys i then needed to cut out a top window for the case reason for doing this is to see more of the case and also i wanted to do some etching work.





I used a tape roll to mark my corners and im using a dremel with jigsaw for the rest.






This was after five minutes of cutting i need to now to file it back to make it look good.






Now i need to just a little more file it back and then i should be right i also always check the back of the panel to see if it look straight etc.






I will be using Uchannel edging on the case when fully painted just showing you guys what it looks like now cleaned up.

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