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My ssd nova series 2 is freezing


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i install a disk corsair ssd 60gb nova series 2 with windows 7 x64 and my pc is freezing everything, firefox, ati control painel, internet explorer and others!


please i need solution for this disk!


disk is very very slow and crash and freeze, have a solution corsair please



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i try everything and my ssd freezeee......i send 3 RMA not respond please have me a firmware update for solved this problem.


used gparted

used partition magic

clear writing zero sectors


and noting


same problem...format pc nine times


please this ssd need firmware for fix this problem.


please help thanks

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I have a Gateway M-285 with C2D 2.13GHz, 4GB ram, Nova Series 2 60GB and W7x64 and at first performance was awesome, however, it fell off and started to freeze randomly while opening some programs. I was about to do an RMA when I decided eh... lets try a defrag.


It worked! It'll take forever the first time but the random freezing and the drive taking forever for stuff goes away. I know you shouldn't have to defrag an SSD but it has made a HUGE difference. When it starts moving slowly and randomly freezing for a few seconds I plug in the laptop and run the defrag again.

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I try evething, anyway tutorials, security format, for all, but with time back is slow again...this tutorials only temporary solved.


Corsair please solve this, give a firmware update for nova series 60gb.


Please help


send very very rma and not respond!!!

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My disk was freezing too until I saw on an Avast forum that some people were complaining that Avast had begun freezing their computers. Very similar symptoms to what I was experiencing.


I un-installed Avast and the freezes were gone!!!


Since I'm behind a router I turned on Windows firewall and Defender and now I run virus scans with Avast on my Windows 8 disk ( which was not affected ). It seems something about an update < may > be causing problems with certain processors and operating system combinations.


I have Windows 7 64 bit on my laptop with the same version of Avast and it only has a dual core processor and it was not affected either.


It's possible the update got corrupted or something but for now I don't trust it.


Will soon be moving completely to Windows 8 anyway.


Running the virus scans from Windows 8 on the Windows 7 disk is good anyway because it allows the files to be scanned when they aren't in use. Like using the Rescue Disk to do your virus scans in it's operating system similar also to a boot time scan.


If you are using Avast ver 7 you might try un-installling ( you can always re-install ) and see if it helps.

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