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Help!!!! A8V Unstable!!!


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Guys, I'm really frustrated with this setup. Specs: 3500+ A8V-Deluxe (bios 1006) Stock HSF TwinX1024-3200XLPRO 450W Antec PS I am having frequent reboots for no apparent reason. Would somebody PLEASE compare [b]my[/b] bios settings with yours? This is what I have for these settings: HT Frequency [1000 mhz] HT Data Width (upstream) [16-bit] HT Data Width (downstream) [16-bit] MemClock Mode [Limit} MemClock to CPU Ratio [2:1 (DDR 400) DRAM over 4G Remapping [Disabled] Bank Interleaving [Enabled] Mode Interleaving [Disabled] Burst Length [8 Beats] CAS Latency (CL) [2.0] TRC [Auto] TRFC [Auto] TRCD [2 CLK] TWR [Auto] TRWT [Auto] TRAS [5 CLK] TRP [2 CLK] TWCL [Auto] AsyncLat [Auto] Read Preamble Setting [Auto] 2T Command [Disabled] AMD Quiet & Cool [Disabled] System Freq./Voltage Config. AI Overclocking [Manual] CPU FSB Frequency [200mhz] CPU Speed/Voltage Setting [Manual] CPU Multiplier [11.0] CPU Voltage [1.500V] DDR Voltage [2.8v] AGP Voltage [1.5] Vlink Voltage [2.5v] Motherboard is reading the info below: CPU Temps ~40C-45C VCore voltage [1.504v] 3.3 Volts [3.296] 5V Voltage [5.026] 12V Voltage [12.03]
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