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Windows system image?


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Yeah I tried the win7 backup feature included in the Ultimate edition - dunno if they're different between versions...


However, I had backed up my C:\ systemdrive (including the 100MB system partition Win7 creates when it's installed, and some other partitions windows automatically assumed it needed), and when I tried restoring it, it failed. Most likely because of the altered disk configuration in my rig, going from three disks to two, but the error it threw was less than useless. As usual.

Had I been able to configure the backup from the restoration UI (windows install CD, choosing "Repair" option), I might have helped me and my new configuration, but there was no settings to adjust. Just the Windows-way or the highway.


Having backed up my system regularly and a safe feeling, it really is nowhere near acceptable just get this nonsense error thrown in my face when trying to back up my non-functioning computer.


I also encountered such problems as not being able to start the backup process because, as I found out after several hours of troubleshooting, I had moved my win7 Download directory to another drive; the same drive I was backing windows up to, and that would not fly since the backup storage drive apparently was counted as a systemdrive because of that. Weird.


The disk space management is also kind of screwed. As I said I had been backing up regularly, making sure to overwrite the previous system image to keep a low space requirement (the system image was ~15GB in size). However, when I made the switch to Acronis, I did some cleaning up with the vssadmin command from cmd and I was able to clear 90GB worth of old backups from the drive. What!?


Bottom line: My experience says that Acronis TrueImage does not have these hiccups and is a lot more flexible and configurable. I've been using it for a year. Sure, it's a dedicated solution that costs money, but it's worth it. Personally I don't dare trust my data with the overly silent and dangerously simplistic approach MS has taken.

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Thanks for sharing your experiences! Seemes Windows system image isn't trustworthy then...kind of scaring considering its function. I was planning a FW-upgrade and probably a secure-erase of my SSD because of BSOD's and thought Win system image was a great option for Acronis. Maybee there is a free version of another image-program?


If anyone else have experience (good or bad) with Win system image please share!


Many people need images to do secure-erase of their SSD when experiencing problems or in need of freshing up and full-of-crap systemdisk =)

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