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H80 fan screws fan controller ect


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Christ theses supplied fans are horrendously loud:eek: would of it been better too not supply fans so you can pick your own at least that would drop the price of the unit as well?


i have some fans silverstone FM123 that i will fit on the back and a NF-P14 for the front, i take it i do not need to use the built in controller as the Fm123 pulls to much amps but i will not be running it that high as i have a front case controller to adjust that and just plug the NF-P14 into the Mb fan header.


also the supplied fans screws seem a bit long if i fully tighten they will hit the radiator and there all the same length, i can pack them out a bit with some silicon and some old fibar washers i have, were are talking around 1-2mm here as well.

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