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Noisy GS600 [fan works with full speed all the time


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I've just purchased GS600. What I noticed immediately is that this PSU generates high level noise. Looks like the problem is that the fan rotates all the time with the same high speed not matter if it is cold or hot.

In my second PC I use HX620 and I see that fan starts with very limited speed and adjust the speed depending the heat. Even visual check how fan works shows the difference between those two PSU.

I piratically do not hear HX620 whereas GS I can hear from the distance 10 meters or more... :(

The motherboard it works with is E45M1-M PRO [takes less energy then mobile phone...]


Is that normal that this PSU works like that and is so noisy?

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We can try and replace it, please use the link on the left and request an RMA, but if the problem is still present with the new PSU then I would suspect the MB may have some voltage problem and I would suggest replacing it next.
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I got new GS600 but problem is old; this PSU is extremely noisy! For sure all GS works like these ones (enough to see some youtube films where 'quiet' GS makes a lot of noise.

Fan turns all the time with high speed. Looks like quite irrational that cold PSU is cooled with fan at high speed.

I lost patience. I do not trust in build module that should maintain proper speed (or maybe there is no module that controls speed and the assumption is that fan shuld run all the time?).

How can I reduce fan speed in this PSU? How to install modul that really controls the speed (can be even manual)?

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