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Taking off SSD Case bad?


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I recently purchased a Corsair 120Gb Force GT. (The red one)

And the only way I could get it to fit into my laptop - U400 was to disassemble it. (The laptop is built for traditional laptop HDD.) - which don't have the small lip over the power - sata connectors that SSD's do.


YES, I saw the VOID WARRANTY Sticker. I took that off and proceeded anyway.



Now my question is: Is this bad for the SSD? Will their be heat issues etc? It is enclosed inside a laptop.

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Depends how it is installed.


If it is installed, in a way where the laptop conectors are bending the SSD's connectors then there may be problem.


If it is installed straight and the SSD connectors are straight, you may want to put a non-conductive material to prevent it from bending when you are moving the laptop.

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