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Bad usb flash drive sent to wrong address


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I recently discovered, that my 16Gb USB drive isn't working properly, so I opened case at technical support page (corsair) and followed all instructions and last week sent to USA corsair address (mentioned in steps which I followed) and yesterday I got this email:


Dear Valued Customer,

We recently discovered an error with our system's return address.


If you received a notification instructing you to return to an address in the USA, please disregard and change the address to the Netherlands below:


Corsair B.V. Attn: RMA Department

Veluwezoom 50, 1327 AH, Almere, The Netherlands

Telephone #: +31 36 547 8360


Please reference your RMA# on the package.


If you have questions, please respond through your ticket at http://www.corsair.com/support/technicalsupport/

Please do not reply to this email as it is not monitored.


Thank you for your understanding

Corsair Customer Service



I have already sent you my broken USB, it's on the way now!


I need my replacement ASAP, what can I do now?


Thank you in advance!



My RMA is #2398130.




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Call our customer service department. Tech support cannot assist you with RMAs. You can use SKYPE for calls outside the USA.




Maybe you can provide me an email for your customer service? I live outside not only USA but outside your time zone, so I sleep when you work and in work days I don't have time for this kind of problems!


You sold me damaged USB, I sent it back to you, paid Post charges and after one week you write me an email telling: 'I'm sorry we gave you wrong address, please resend your item", do you think it's fare and normal way to treat your loyal customers?


I have lost my USB + Post charges and NO ONE can send me new USB, I have to beg for it?


I loved and used your products for years + your attitude for your customers always was perfect, but now.... nobody answers my mails for weeks and only solution - phone us!


Please provide me normal solution, because IT WAS YOUR MISTAKE!!!




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