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Force 3 60 GB part magic format


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Hi everyone!


I am trying to basically delete everything off my SSD (windows 7 installed on it) and start fresh with it. To my understanding many people would recommend the use of third party applications to do this such as HDDerase.


I opted for Parted Magic as seen here: http://blog.corsair.com/?p=4484


Upon following all instructions and following through with Secure Erase; I had hoped everything would be cleared from my SSD. This upon completion of around a minute or two (weird?), I checked my SSD contents and everything was still there. So despite the 'completion' method, everything on it remained...


I did this also to my secondary HDD and alas same problem, everything still remained. Windows 7 still booted, nothing was deleted.


I'm not sure what to do...I want to reformat my SSD properly for optimization. HDDerase doesnt work; just freezes when trying to access main screen.


Please note, windows 7 was installed using AHCI,


Any ideas?




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This happened to me right now! but with a 120Gb Force 3 Series.


Parted Magic boot from CD, i had some advice something was wrong with the procudure because while the ATA Secure Erase was running the HDD led was always off.


All data are still on SSD, disk booted Win7 from which i'm now writing here!


Just one notice, Secure Erase noticed the SSD was something "frozen" and asked to put the PC in Sleep Mode in order to reactivate the SSD at wakeup, i answered 'Yes", PC went in Sleep, waited few seconds and pressing a key it wakeup, at that point Secure Erase was able to access the SSD and the procedure continued as show in you User Guide 'How To Secure Erase Corsair SSDs With Parted Magic'.


I had previously updated my SSD Force 3 Series 120Gb to firmware 1.3.3, with success of course.

About System Spec what do you need?

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