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Carbide 500R question

Martin Palmieri

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I've just got a Carbide 500R for a new rig I'm gonna be buiding for my daughter - along with a Force 3 SSD and 8GB Vengeance 1600 RAM.


I've been looking at the case and must say I'm impressed. Good job. I'll be building the rig this weekend and looking forward to it.


One thing: the top of the case is a grill. Great for air flow. Now, you know how kids are these days. They get together, get some chips, cola...


I'm worried that I can't discard the possibility of someone dropping a glass of cola on the case. There goes the mobo and probably everything with it.


Is there anything I can do to somehow close the top of the case? I know putting some duct tape on the top of this case would be an insult to this case but I can't really come with a good idea on how I could close the top grill.


And I know this will have some impact in the cooling of the case but there will not be so many components in it and I believe the built-in fans will be able to take the heath, so to speak :biggrin:



Any ideas are most welcome


Many thanks


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I just finished assembly today on this case. If you really concerned about it and want to close in the top, what I would do is get some heavy gauge plastic (be sure it is something descent that can take a little heat...there are some good "saran" type plastic wraps that would work or go to a hardware store and get something). I would remove the top grill and tape the plaster to the top of the case making sure to round up the sides of the plastic and make like a "bowl" in there with it taped well with a good plastic tape.


Just to say it, I would not want to do this...but I raised 5 kids and I understand your concern. This solution would look better than duct tape and done right should be invisible from the outside. Any spill of course should be quickly cleaned up.

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Try telling them that if they happen to spill anything in their nice new computer, they will be working to pay for replacement parts?


I wouldn't allow them to be anywhere near the top of it with snacks or sodas at all, but thats just me...

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