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Refurbished SSD: any bundle policy from Corsair ? (2.5 to 3.5 adapter)


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I've just bought a refurbished F120 (CSSD-F120GB2/RF2). I have only received the drive. No fixation screws, no sata cable, and most important: no 2.5" to 3.5" adapter, which I know is provided when you buy a new drive.


My question is:

Is there any Corsair bundle policy regarding bundle for refurbished products ? Or is it to the discretion of the webshop to decide whether they provide the original adapter or not ?


The shop where I've bought this drive was selling the 3.5" adapter. But another shop also selling this same Corsair refurbished drive was mentionning in the product description that Corsair refurbished product come with the original bundle (thus, the 3.5" adapter). So I wonder if I'd be rightful to ask the webshop where I've bought mine to send me the adapter for free or not.


Thank you by advance.

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