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Refurbished F120: update from 2.0 to 2.4 or not ?


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I've just bought a refurbished F120 (CSSD-F120GB2/RF2). CrystalDiskInfo and Corsair Tool say it has firmware 2.0



1°) I'm a bit surprised it does not have 2.4, as this fw is out for almost a year now. Does this mean I should avoid upgrading this drive to 2.4 ?


I see several people here saying they faced detection issue after upgrading to this fw. In the other hand I've seen ned14 post here where he says upgrading from 2.0 to 2.4 resulted in a significant performance boost, so I'm tempted to try too.


As shown in my profil, I will use this SSD on a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P rev 1.1 mobo, and under win Seven x64. I'm just wondering that if a recent refurbished product use 2.0 fw and not 2.4, it may indicates it would be part of those which have issues with 2.4 (or is not compatible yet with it, I can't say as I have not tried the update yet :p:).


What is your opinion ?



2°) The drive comes with not partition. It is detected by my current win7 x86 install but not shown with other drives in explorer (normal). However I can see it with various tools (everest ultimate, crystalDiskInfo, EASEUS partition manager).


My question is: is EASEUS partition manager a valid tool to make a partition on it ? (I've read there is a specific partition standard that suits better to ssd (GPT) edit: no, gpt has nothing to do with ssd ^^ ).


The reason is it would let me do some speed test with my current win7 x86 install, so it could help me choose if I should try to upgrade to 2.4 or give 2.0 a try first.



Thank you by advance.

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Thank you for the quick answer, I didn't expect it as fast ! :biggrin:


1°) I think I understand why I misinterpreted the release date of the 2.4 fw: the post date may be in mm/dd/yyyy format, while I'm used to dd/mm/yyyy format :p:


2°) Thank you for the reminder onto how partition a drive with the built-in windows tool. It's been so long I haven't done that that I even forgot windows had a tool for it :laughing:



I have another question:


I will then first do some test with 2.0 to decide whether I should try to upgrade to 2.4 or not. But if I decided to try 2.4 and it revealed to be worst than with 2.0, would I be able to downgrade to 2.0 ?

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Ok. If someone knows please let me know then :p:


I've done a crystaldiskmark and it sounds good (let me know if you think otherwise):




This was done under seven x86 after I partitioned and formated the drive with seven tool, NTFS and default cluster size. AHCI is on.



But then I have installed win7 x64 (on the SSD ofc :p), and bad luck, I have now system freeze when gaming :[pouts: (battlefield 3). Complete hang (sound loop, "bzzzzzzzzz"), I have to reboot.



edit: it seems it was just GPU overheating due to an insanely low default manufacturer fan speed profil. 85°C after only 3min GPU OCCT.


It could be my Q6600 OC that is not stable anymore. I have it rockstable on win7 x86 and xp x86 for more than 2 years now, but installing win7 x64 has led me to do a few changes:


- no x64 driver for my soundcard, so I have to use the onboard sound chipset (more stress on NB ?)


- I was running fine under 7 x86 with 2x1GB and the recently added 2x2GB (both set not being of the same brand), but x86 was not using the full 6GB, but only 3.5 (I was using the 2.5GB left for a ramdisk though. But it was never used over 50-100MB). Now x64 uses the 6GB ram so this may again stress the NB more and thus induce my OC to be not stable anymore


- it could come from the game. No freeze with it for weeks under x86 but under x64 it may be not as stable.


- if it was none of the above, then it would be very likely to be the SSD, and my last hope would then be this 2.4 FW.


I'm going to do some step by step test now, and hope I'll find the cause of those system freeze :sigh!:


edit: it seems it was as simple as GPU overheating due to insanely low manufacturer fan speed profil (85°C after only 3min GPU OCCT and fan speed was barely going above 30% :laughing:)

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Damn, just tested BF3 and the system lock-up are not fixed :[pouts:


So that's not a GPU overheating issue. That's not a CPU OC stability issue neither, as have set my CPU back to default speed atm. I have also ran a 30min CPU OCCT without issue (@default cpu clock).


I will do some ram oriented test now. But is it possible the SSD can cause this sort of issue ? As a reminder, I'm experiencing system crash. No BSOD but the system freeze, with sound in loop, which means I must restart it to fix.


I've read many people talking about freeze on forums (freeze due to SSD), but they are generally talking about "micro-freeze", and not system crash.

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I've have identified what was causing the issue and it has nothing to do with the SSD.

Those system freeze with bf3 were cause by the ALC889A integrated sound chipset.



Beside this, I haven't had time to do an ATTO bench but I've done another CrystalDiskMark, this time with 1000MB instead of 100MB:




Results are noticeably lower than when testing with 100MB only. Note also that this time the bench was done under win7 x64 that was installed on the SSD itself (+ some other apps. SSD filled at 30% as you can see).



Still wondering if we can downgrade to an older firmware ;):

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