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Heat sink?

Arizona Willie

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I just opened the box to peek at the DDR3 Quad channel memory kit ( 16 GB ) and it says it includes a heat sink but I don't find find anything in the box but the 4 sticks of RAM each enclosed in it's own plastic box. There is an empty piece of cardboard tube between the stacks.


I wonder if the heat sink is supposed to be there?


The box seemed to be factory sealed so I'm wondering what the deal is.


The pic on the box looks like there is a band with silver bars wrapped around the black housing, but on these sticks that is one solid unit. Not a separate band as it appears in the picture.


Are they calling the black ( plastic ? ) housing the heat sink?

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It is a set of CMX16GX3M4A1600C9


4 X 4GB modules


They have a black housing on each one. Usually I can see the memory chips, but these housings conceal the chips.


I was expecting some type of heat sinks that sat on or connected to the memory chips.


I don't see how these black plastic looking housings would / could dissipate much heat.


Hope I'm wrong.

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I suspect the black housing is the " heat spreader " I was expecting something with fins like a heat sink. I took one out of it's wrapping and felt it and the bottom of the black casing does feel like plastic but the top feels different and the diagonal silver stripes feel metallic.


I would post a pic but they basically look like the picture on the box :)


And, I don't have time now. Gotta go to grandma's house for Turkey day and will miss a couple of days of working on this. Oh well, I'm waiting on another SATA drive for SSD caching that won't get here til Friday night anyway.


Thanks for the responses.

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