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Loving the AX1200W


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Hi all,


I'd just like to post something positive on here!


After exchanging a HX850, HX1050 and a "Other brand" ZX 1250 because of a high pitch sound coming from each psu I went for the AX1200.. I was put off buying at first because of seeing a few negative comments on this forum and did not want to spend a lot of money on PSU that could have the exact same problems as the ones above. (All made very high pitch mosquito like noise). So glad I have now gone for the AX1200.. Its whisper silent, no high pitch noises, no noticeable fan noise and no whining.


Would also like to say that all 3 corsair psu's build quality were 100x better than the "Other brand" ZX 1250. Although did like the velcro cable ties included with the "Other brand". :cool:


Fingers crossed I wont have any problems with the AX1200 but so far its perfect! :biggrin:


This was the first time that I have spent a reasonable amount of money on a gaming rig and working with all the corsair parts has been a pleasure..


Spec is


Corsair 650D Case

Corsair AX1200 PSU

Asus P8Z68-Z Motherboard

i7 2600k

Corsair H80 Cooler

16GB Corsair XMS3 RAM

Corair Force 3 240GB SSD

EVGA GTX580 SC x2 (Second was purchased same time as the HX1050)



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Cheers guys! I just need to sort the unused case cables that I have currently bundled in to the 5.25 bay area.. Will be completely happen then. Been holding off 100% finishing until I had sorted my PSU problems. :) But if anyone who is not sure like me on the AX1200, go for it!
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