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Obsidian 800D or 650D


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I am going to build my first Gaming PC since 2005. I want to buy the case first. I don't really want to liquid cool right away, but want great air flow. I am so tired of fighting between getting the 800D or the 650D. Amazon has the 650D for $189.00 plus $10.00 off that and free Prime 2day shipping and they have the 800D for $273.00 plus $10.00 off that plus Prime 2day shipping, no tax on either.


Now, I am getting the ASUS Sabertooth P67 Motherboard, Intel i5 or i7 2600K, corsair AX850 PSU, Crucial M4 CT128M4SSD2 2.5" 128GB, and a good GPU, 560ti or Radeon HD 6950. window home-xp or ultimate?


What would be best all around case of the 2, what would be best long run and for the cost. I keep thinking best to always go bigger, then the 650D looks awesome too. :confused:


Any way any advice, please let me know, and on the windows pick home, XP or Ultimate, any help thanks all! :D:


Michael in San Antonio Texas

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Well the 800D is BIG. I have the 700D which is the same size, but it's nice to have so much room to work with. Anything will fit in it. That said, your parts should easily fit in the 650D also.


Go with windows 7. If you need bitlocker and need the ability to change language in windows - then you need ultimate.

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