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Corsair account creation issues


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I created a corsair account during a purchase. The issue with the purchase has been solved but my corsair account is still in limbo I guess.


When I finished the transaction online I went back to corsair.com to log in my account, typed in my email and password and I got the 'your account is not activated message' (this was Friday 11/18 night). I checked my email before I clicked on send activation email because I just had processed the order, no email yet so I waited about 10 mins and came back and nothing, so I went to corsair.com again and typed my email and password and clicked on send confirmation. Did not see anything on my email after a few minutes. Since I use outlook I checked my spam folder and went to comcast.net to check if it was lost somewhere in a folder/spam directly in my email account, but there was nothing corsair related over there.

I waited until Monday and try again to get my confirmation email and nothing and even tried to re register but it does say that my email is being used.


Any advise or any way to fix this issue?


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