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500R: 200mm fan and front panel LED's


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Hiya guys,


Very happy Corsair 500R owner, especially after transplanting my old Scythe fans into the case. All in all it has been an experience miles above my previous brand cases (not that they were bad, they were the best for their money in their day... this is just a few steps above them)


I have a couple of simple questions.


What thickness of fan can I attach to the side panel? I'm thinking about changing out the 200mm fan for a thicker 200mm fan and curious. It seems like I could easily fit the standard 25mm fan thickness in there but does not hurt to ask.


Can I use a marker on the front panel LED's without voiding my warranty? This might seem like a bit of a silly question but I sleep in the same room as my PC and find the Power/HDD LED's to be too bright. It's a feature I want to keep but dull down the lighting effect. Corsair and RAMGuy seem very nice with the repairs/replacement policy but I'd like to check.



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