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Puzzling Power Problem


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Hey all,


I've been encountering a very strange issue with my home-build tower over the past few months. When I press the power button the fans immediately spin up and I get the single beep like normal, but before any image appears on my monitor the entire system powers back down by itself. Then it repeats that process, completely by itself, fans spin up and the case speaker produces a single beep before the entire thing powers itself down again. Then it powers itself up AGAIN but on the third spin up the system boots like normal. Like clockwork, it ALWAYS takes 3 times for the system to boot properly.


Another issue: when I attempt to play games that put any sort of demand on my graphics card my system will crash to a blue screen that usually mentions a PAGE FAULT error. Simpler, 2D games like Terraria don't crash the system, but anything that requires 3D rendering is pretty much guaranteed to crash the system after just a few minutes.


The system also behaves strangely. If I leave it alone long enough for it to enter sleep mode, it can't seem to exit sleep. Instead, it restarts itself and I have to wait through the 3 attempts before it gets running again.


I appreciate any insight you may have on the problem.


Thanks everyone!

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Lets get it booting normally first then build it up to find the problem





any pci cards

Only 1 stick of ram

remove graphics card if you can and use mobo vga if you have one




goto bios and reset to default


Power up, does it boot normally? and stop at hdd prompt error

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