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Defective module from CMSA8GX3M2A1066C7


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I have defective module.

I bought this set of 2 x 4Gb for my Macbook Pro 17" - Core 2 Duo (mid-2009).


Corsair CMSA8GX3M2A1066C7

Module #1 : serial number 1494311 (114404082)

Module #2 : serial number 1494312 (114404082)


1st try : both modules same time : 3 beeps when starting computer.

2nd try : Only module with serial 1494311 = 3 beeps

3rd try : Only module with serial 1494312 = OK (can start computer, everything fine).


I did a request at technical support service and got this ticket #2418749 but at that time I didn't tested one by one, so I only said I have the 3 beeps failure...


How can I do? I live in Hong-Kong.

Who should I contact to get replacement?


Thanks for your help,


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Thank you Ram Guy!

RMA is not same as my request I did yesterday on technical support on Corsair website?


Edit ---> I am filling the RMA request now I have put your post reference number, hope it can be quick solved in Hong-Kong. Will see how efficient it is :-)

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The 24th and 25th are a Holiday here and we were not open since the 23rd, I will send our customer service a message but I would strongly suggest you call them by phone, the number is listed under Contact on the main web site and you can install Skype and call the toll free number for free.
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Dear RAM Guy,

I am obliged to pull up this thread again, sorry for that! But I have troubles again with the memory.

Let me explain.


Recently, my computer crashed a lot, maybe 10 times a day, when normally it crash only maybe once a week...

What more? Everytime I start-up the computer (MacBook Pro 17", no change), there is 1 beep sound, and then continue to boot and start normally.


I did a Memtest today (command: "memtest all 2") and here is a part of the result:


FAILURE! Data mismatch at local BUFA address 0x0000000150c11008, BUFB address 0x00000001e10db008
BUFA Data: 0xfffffffffb7fffff, BUFB Data: 0xfffffffffbffffff

 Walking Ones        : ok                
 Walking Zeroes      : ok                

*** Memory Test Failed ***  Please check transcript for details.
Execution time: 9571 seconds.


What do you suggest me to do?


Thanks for your time,


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