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RMA puzzle, what is happening?


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I am writing to ask about my RMA 1267401. I am puzzled by the status:


RMA Status for TSX Case #2391315[ Go to your case ]

Thank you for choosing Corsair products! The following is the status of your RMA Number 1267401.

RMA Issued On: 11/10/2011

Defective Parts Received on: 11/11/2011

Part Number Received: N/A

Quantity Received: N/A

RMA Replacement Parts Ship Date: N/A

Replacement Part Number: N/A

Replacement Part Quantity: N/A

Replacement Shipping Method: N/A

Replacement Shipping Tracking Number: N/A



This says you received the parts from me on 11/11; but in fact they were only posted by me on 11/11 so how is this possible? Second, why do all the other fields say N/A? I have returned a faulty memory kit and I am anxious to receive the replacement.


I emailed rma last week with no response.


With thanks



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  • Corsair Employees
I am sorry but you will need to speak with our customer service we do not have access to the RMA information in tech support. I have sent them a message is about all I can do. You can get the number under CONTACT on the lain site and call them by phone.
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Thank you, but this gets more and more frustrating.


Following, I guess, your intervention I get an email saying "Your replacement will ship within 1-2 business days."


Then I get an email saying there is a message for me online. I follow the link and it says:


"We apologize for the delay and inconvenience. Please provide the tracking information and a copy of your purchase receipt as our records do not show that we have received the part. If the tracking number is not available please provide the postage receipt for the shipping. Once I have all the information I will go ahead and check with our RMA receiving if we have your package in our hub."


Note that the status still says "Parts received."


I reply asking how I can send the postage receipt since there is no way to attach anything in your message system. No reply.


I also sent the postage receipt to rmaservice@corsair.com. No reply.


How can I progress this? The whole warranty system seems really hard to use.



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