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CMZ16GX3M4X1600C9G withdrawn?


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G isn't part of the part number which is why you can't find it. It's definitely on the website:



Well then the part number has changed, if you google "CMZ16GX3M4X1600C9G" you can find several sites with news about the new line-up, including this memory. For instance http://forums.legitreviews.com/about38034.html.


It is the memory with military green colour, I suppose "G" stands for "Green"? Just as "R" stands for "Red", and "B" for "Blue".


So I beg to differ, the memory is not on the site anymore, and it was before. Regrettably I don't have the URL anymore since I refreshed the page and it defaulted back to the main page (since it was removed?).


The page you refer to is a different memory. However, if you check the bottom of that page you can see an image of the green memory that I am refering to. The memory is also displayed on the main Corsair page, as item #1. This image URL: http://www.corsair.com/media/vengeance-new-x79-fpb.png.


@RAM GUY: I just checked the entire line up of the vengeance memorys and the military green memory is nowhere to be found.


So, is it withdrawn or will it become available at a different date? If so, any idea about the ETA?

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Oh for ****s sake Corsair, REALLY????? If I see "G G" memory, someone's getting a bitch slap lol.


Ok, I guess now it IS part of the part number. Before the Military Green memory, they would list G after a part number to indicate RoHS compliance aka eco friendly aka "green". The G wasn't part of the part number, but often confused people and sites.


As for that pic, it looks gold colored to me :)


Considering they only announced it a week ago (and the fact that they upgraded / moved the web server over the weekend), it isn't surprising that it's not on the website ATM. Site's in flux ATM. Two other part numbers from the press release are also missing.

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LOL, well, wasn't aware of the eco friendly "G", so I get your confusion ;)


Ah, so maybe it is G for Gold? :D


I totally understand the site being in flux at the moment because of the server change etc, also appreciate that it the memory being new and all. But I was hoping someone would have inside info about the future availability of the memory.


Anyway, went with the black memory instead, but thanks for your effort!

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