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My 120GB Force 3 drive shows as SCSI ?


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Ive just installed my new 120GB drive, and its showing up in windows as a SCSI device.

Ive checked the BIOS and it says that ive got my sata set to AHCI.

Ive tryed the gigabyte sata ports as well as the intel ones that are on the computer.

I also am unable to see the drive when I run the corsair firmware updater.



I did manage to install windows 7 as normal, but I dont think its running in AHCI because the corsair firmware updater i think needs to have it as AHCI to see it?

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I found that my board has 5 SATA (intel ) ports, and 2 white gigabyte ones.

I went to the gigabyte site and downloaded the windows pre install drivers for 64 bit and put them on a thumb drive.

then when I was installing windows... again, i followed the guide on a site to wipe the drive complately doing some disc clean, and when installing, there was an option there to select different drivers, in which i selected my folder on my thumb drive and it installed, Now in windows it shows up as a AHCI SATA device and the corsair firmware update actually sees the drive.

However, ive still got issues with the windows, once its installed, there certain programs that do not install. not impressed as its my 4th install of windows 7 and i cannot find what to do about it.

If i install Avast, thats fine, all the intel drivers are ok too, but Tversity and my mouse drivers NOPE :(

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