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Corsair H50 leaking, help needed


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Was running some stuff in Excel hit compute and machine just shut off and wouldn't turn back on. Its not water, nor is it thermal paste.


So I don't know what to do at this moment. The vid card had visible liquid on it that leaked into the PCI-E slot as you can see. I do have other cpu coolers, should I let it dry before I check to see if any other hardware is damaged? Specifically the Vid Card/Motherboard.




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Alright new issue, RMA for the cooler is in process. But I just retried out that x16 slot on my mobo because im getting terrible frame rates. And now the machine won't post. I had been using the vid card in the unaffected x1 slot since the incident. I understand im going to have send in the pieces in my machine to get replaced, but what will all have to get sent in and how long will I be without it?



Edit: It was working for like 2 mins while in that slot and in game.

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