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What happened? Someone please HELP. GS700


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I am installing my GS700 psu and accidentally plugged the pci-e 6pin (I assume for the vid card) into the 4pin plug (extra power source in addition to the 24pin possibly the power for the CPU) on the motherboard...


GS700 fan and led lights flickered on for a quick second then went out. I faintly heard a crackle noise but not 100% where it came from... All capacitors on the mobo look fine, no smoke or burn spots.


Think I could've blew out the PSU?

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Hi, i'm new here but gonna jump in.:o:

if everything was connected and you made the plug fit(to one side?) and put it the way the clip-on is pointed so you hear a clikk. And turned on the power. That would be connecting the +12 volt rail directly to ground, and jam +12v in to the motherboard negative ground circut vould cause the power supply fuse to blow atleast. and possible damage to mainboard and or power supply. +12 volt into ground may also have traveled to other componenst and caused damage, i don't have solution for that. but maybe you can try pulling the power cord for a while and hope that the auto fuse flicks back on. If not perhapps somone that has been here a little longer than me can help you, maybe you can use a paper clipp to test your power suply.(i'm to new to recomend anything like that)


Tecnicly if you'd reverse the plug/pins swapping black yelow on the "pci-e to 4 pin" it would work just fine.

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