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Bios Reported Voltage Problem


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Last week I replaced my motherboard, Ram and CPU and have had a strange issue since then.


Was using the pc and all of a sudden the screen went blank, no shutdown and the pc was still on but just no display.


I've checked the bios and found that my reported voltages were quite off as follows:


12v at 14.104v

5v at 5.887v

3.3v at 2.800v


I've disconnected the power cables and checked with a multimeter and all were actually perfect, 11.94v, 5.02v and 3.33v. However after putting it all back together and booting up the bios was then reporting the correct and accurate reading again.


Been fine for a week, had speedfan open in windows to keep an eye on the voltages and it's been fine, apart from today the 3.3v dropped to 3.03v. Then an hour later the display again turned off. Checked the bios and the voltages were back up again.


I think the video card is going into some sort of shut down on sensing the high voltage to protect itself, and this is what is causing the lack of display signal.


I've reset the motherboard again and as last time the bios voltages are now correct and all is well.


Any suggestions for what to do about this? I've still got the old motherboard which I could swap back in, but I've already sold the cpu and ram. Having said that tho I do remember just before I did the upgrade I noticed a 'red' value in that bios and the 3.3v line was low below 3v, the rest I think were ok, but I never had this issue before with the display going off.



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No, last night when the bios was saying 14, 5.8 and 2.8 I had a extra molex cable plugged into the psu to test and the multimeter was saying 11.9 and 4.9 solid for those two lines on the molex pins.


I'm going to swap the motherboard back to the old one tomorrow night and see how it goes. The Asus support forums where I have also posted this came thread is suggesting it's possibly a board issue.

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