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Force 3 120GB SSD = BSOD !


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I have had my ssd for around 3 months and have suffered BSOD's since getting it.


I did have an F60 before that was superb except for the space on it.


So i got a Force 3 SSD and at the same time upgraded my RAM to some Corsair vengeance 1866mhz 8gb.


I started getting lots of BSOD's and thought it must be the RAM, i ran memtest and all was well. I also had an OC on my cpu that was the same as before i got the new ssd and ram, just changed the XMP profile. I have since started running at stock to rule this out.


The BSOD's were becoming more frequent which is when i found this site. At that time there was no firmware updates however i believe.


Then when googleing for help over my latest BSOD i found a post about the firmware updates. By this time 2 of my friends had bought the same SSD's and were both getting BSOD's also.


So i thought this must finally be the answer to my problems.


I did the 1.3.2 update and after 1 hour got a BSOD :confused:


Then i came back to this site to find there was the 1.3.3 update YEEESSSS i thought lol...


Made this update and also completely formatted my SSD and it has defo been alot more stable.


That lasted 5 days then today i got 2 BSOD's in quick succession and im ready to slit my wrists i swear lol ...


I get all kinds of different error messages ranging from driver not less not equal to could not write to read only or something.


Im starting to really feel like i don't know what else to do.


Please help.

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I'm having/had the same issues with the Force GT 120G 1.3.3 on my P8Z68 Deluxe (AHCI mode) (no power saver). 1 or 2 BSOD's a day and constant application crashes that accessed the disk i/o, thunderbird etc.. My MB has an intel and marvell sata 6 controller, same issues on both. I finally gave up after two months and reinstalled Win 7 on a non-SSD this weekend.
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there should be a fixed topic about this issue u.u

I'll try here as well as the other one I posted this to:


"same here, but with FW1.3

forceGT 120GB


I would REALLY hate to install everything again


Is 1.3.3 known for making this issues go away, or it would be just a shot in the dark?"


now I believe 1.3.3 doesn't do any good

is it possible that this many units are defective and no software fix will be able to get it 100%? if thats the case, I'll be pissed as hell :/

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Too bad I can't see your PC specs...


If you're using marvell 9128 then maybe a driver update should help.

I don't have BSOD since I updated it to




I still have some lockups, which was gotten better (or worse) with the fw. 1.3.3 (I'm still testing it)


my "SSD lockups" story: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=103190

"speed is dropping" story: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=101525


I'm still looking for a better solution...

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Hi All.


Did you try yours hold memory to see if it is realy the ssd that or causing bsod.

See if it is stable with no overclock. Maybe, like me you ave to adjust ioh and cpu voltage as u overclock. If bsod acure with out overclocking. Then your memory is not the cause ove bsod.


First except for bios, don't take drive from asus because ther not up to date.


My advice, u ave a intel motherboard so wy not get driver directly from intel.

THis is the link for intel serie 6 chipset as ur ASUS p8z68-v.



As u can see, u can get Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver software

V10.5.1.1001 from asus and 10.​8.​0.​1003 from intel.


Finaly is bether to use intel sata 2, instead ove marvell 9128.

Because marvell is using a pcie 1x interface it is mutch to slow for ssd and id very bugy.


In raid 0, i still ave some bsod wend pc is waking up from deep sleep.

I just deactivat this option and thers no problem any more.


Hope this help

Sincerly yours.

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