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Problem with RMA #1267331 - wrong qty, Please help!


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Hi Ram Guy,


Regarding tech support Case #2390281 - RMA #1267331


I sent in 2 twin packs of ram sticks, ie 4 ram stick in 2 packs. 3 of the sticks are confirmed faulty with memtest.


The 2 twin packs I sent in were for obsolete ram.


Tech support replied: Returned Product: TWINX2048-3200C2PT G

Returned Qty: 1 SET


They have authorised a alternative product, but I sent in 2 twin sets of RAM!

Tech support have replied as 1 SET which is wrong, a mistake.


I clearly advised before sending to tech support it was 2 twin sets of ram with 3 faulty sticks, and that I am returning both twin sets, all 4 sticks.


Please look into your records, I have proof of original purchase and postage of these items. Obviously I do not want to only be sent 1 twin set, when I have sent you 2 faulty twin sets, and am now worried.


I am happy to accept the proposed replacement ram (CMC2GX1M2A400C3) but only if it is the 2 twin sets I sent you. Not 1 set as tech support have stated in recent reply.


Please help me with this, they were expensive units and I cant afford to lose out due to a corsair clerical error.


Looking forward to hearing of a correction of this mistake.


Kind regards, Stevo33

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