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PSU too big?


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I recently bought a Corsair TX650 PSU, and a Cooler Master Elite 335 case. I was rushing when I bought the case - the PSU is larger than standard and it doesn't seem to fit in the case. The gap on the back of the case is too short.


Is there a way of handling this situation without buying a new case? And if not, can you recommend a case I can go out and buy tomorrow? Preferably, if it's Corsair, make it a very cheap one. I do not have goodwill towards them at the moment, even though it was my screw-up.


Thanks! :o:


EDIT: You know what? I just solved this issue. But I'm so relieved I'm going to tell you how, to spread mirth and good-will. I was putting it in the wrong way up :) </n00b problems>

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